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It was a perfect stay

Our needs were anticipated at every turn Read moreLailey

We had an amazing stay

House is very well stocked from a cooking point of view too. Read moreMadeleine

A beautiful setting to gather with family.


Beautiful setting.


Incredible Bargain

A great house! – Mark

Felt right5at home.

Great place for a family gathering. Read moreDeborah

COPIER WA Port Townsend


Beautiful views

Very comfortable house on an exquisite location. Easy walk to a wonderful restaurant and private access to the beach,. The swimming pool is beautiful and heatedy family had a wonderful time at this location. Read moreDanielle

Beautiful Home

Beautiful home, beautiful setting. We can’t wait to come back. – Amanda

Beautiful Location

Beautiful location, views, house. Great place to relax at the end of the day and hang out. Read moreJulie

Pintail Lodge is the nicest vacation rental ever!

In all our travels this is the best vacation rental we haver ever stayed in. Very well equipped kitchen. Every detail is well thought out. Immaculately clean. Just the best! – Steven,

Dug the whole place and experience!

Heather, AirBnB

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